Is /u/John2Nhoj a "race realist"?

White people smell bad too though? It's called deodorant.

Ya pubes for hair that's not really cool, you don't compare hair to something that is generally seen as something negative.

This is my opinion, I'm not from the US so I sort of see both sides as being butthurt.

Racism isn't cool, but black people in the U.S seem to at least be perpetuating segregation; so do white people. Black people do it by bringing up the past, which doesn't make any sense to do, all the particles of matter that is human race are completely different than when slavery was around, that is comparing apples to oranges.

White people in the U.S have a history of racism within their own families I'm assuming, and that's why people like him may hold that attitude? Maybe he wasn't taught any better, or black people were only portrayed negatively?

I don't know, I'm not defending him or it, but to me it seems like black and white people in the USA are living on Mars, their pattern of thought makes absolutely no sense to me.

Believe it or not, people in other countries have positive views of black people, people in other white countries, like Canada. Not the entire country, there are places that are racist like the U.S, but the majority of the country really has nothing to the extent of the U.S.

I don't even understand having a negative view of black people, they're just people to me, biggest stereotype I have of them is that they're from the Caribs; which they are here.

People don't do the "white only" GrindR bullshit here either.

So it really is just your country, and other countries, that treat eachother so differently. People are racist here, but mainly 65+ people and those in rural towns.

My SO is from Alabama, a lot of his friends are black, he told me that black people weren't allowed to go to his house because he was white when he was a kid, not his parents disallowing it, the black parents. He also said that I couldn't walk into a black neighbourhood by myself when I go to visit his family?

Like what the fuck is that? I know white people are racist down there, but really... I can't walk into a black neighbourhood and I'm from fucking Canada? That seems like both sides are being racist.

He also thinks it's weird that I like hiphop because again, where he grew up, that was "black" people music.... uh it's just music, I listen to whatever I want.

Again not ripping on you, I think you have a reason to be pissed off, but just giving you an opinion of the situation from an outside or how some perspective on the whole thing.

To me it blows my mind that the country is so segregated I couldn't walk into a black neighbourhood without possibly being harassed.... I'm from frickin Canada, not all white people are racist.

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