/u/lostfriendthrowaway9 thoughtfully explains why the minority challenges faced by people of color and LGBTQ+ people aren't equal and are in fact incomparable.

This community is supposed to be one of the better one but I'm concerned here.

OP of the comment and others in here are playing word tango in order to somehow explain that in some convuluted way, being black isn't as bad as being gay

Wtf these are an entire race of people who conform to nearly all 10 standards of a genocide

And have been targeted by their own people and their government.

And still haven't received a reparation or correction their broken communities

The biggest damning difference is that they don't have to tell or display their persecutors that they are different

If a black and gay were being chased down by there killers the persecuted has to know the gay is gay.

Not the black.

No question which is worse for me

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