Undeniable antisemitism on r/smuggies

Lmao, ChapoTrapHouse dosn’t even like Israel. Now I know that not supporting the state of Israel ≠ anti-semitism, but if you wanna paint a certain group as secretly supporting the shadowy Jews that secretly control the world (eye roll), maybe don’t pick the one that hates Israel (as Isreal is often the “antagonist” in these conspiracy theories). What’s also really “intresting” about this entire issue is how both the far right and parts of the left hate Israel, but they arrive at that conclusion in totaly different ways. The alt-right (and really just the right in general) thinks that Israel is behind the conspiracy to dilute the white population by encouraging racial mixing though the media, and wishes to stop white people from creating an ethnostae (this makes a lot more sense once you take into account that the far right actually wants to create an ethnostae and believes that inhabiting an ethnostae is the deflate state of being for “white people”), while themselves inhabiting an ethnostae. Some people on the left hate Israel for occupying Palestine and conducting a genocide of the people of Palestine, and creating an ethnostae. So yeah, really blows a hole in the entire “Both sides are bad XD” enlightened centralism.

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