TD poster is upset that sister is bisexual, who’s angry that their own family won’t accept them. “It’s not about gay rights or trans rights. It's about anything it takes to destroy virtue and the power of family.” [+30 upvotes] “Be thankful for God opening your eyes to simple truths.” [+8 upvotes]

“...if a family objects to a homosexual relationship on moral grounds...”

THIS is the key phrase. As crossposting OP so astutely points out, T_D OP doesn’t go into specifics about what the family does, only using flowery language to mask what makes the daughter upset, and focusing on her outrage in place of what makes her upset.

They don’t dare state the inciting incident and they don’t dare give context to this phrase.

They also don’t give context for the phrase “GAY IS OK! TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS!”

I’m going to try and infer what this is actually about. Maybe I’m in the wrong but I seriously don’t give a fuck.

The daughter is in a relationship with a guy. A trans guy. The family objects and says that she needs to end it. They don’t consider them a guy, which is why they refer to the relationship as homosexual. She says no, obviously, they don’t have control over her personal life. They say they’ll pull her school funding if she doesn’t end it.

Fuck OP and fuck his parents.

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