I have to say: Give it up for Jeff Lurie

We'll have to agree to disagree. I think Andy Reid had a foundation in place to have continued success if he were not fired at the end of the 2012 season. I believe the struggles of Michael Vick and the abundance of injuries in 2012 got Andy Reid fired but I believe that he had a foundation in place to have success if he were still here in 2013 with Nick Foles at the helm and a great offensive line, quality receivers and an all pro running back. When he was fired he was immediately hired in Kansas City and turned a team coming off a 2 win season into a playoff team. There is no doubt that he is an excellent football coach and a quality team builder. Chip Kelly choose Philadelphia over other possible destinations because he was left with a quality NFL roster that was built by Andy Reid. We can talk swing and misses in the draft with quite literally every single NFL franchise. As someone who is a bit of a draft geek I think that most fans simply do not know what the actually NFL career looks like for players drafted in each round. I also think that for everytime a fan says "Andy Reid sucks because he drafted Brandon Graham and I would have drafted Earl Thomas" they ignore when they said "I would have drafted James Hardy, Limas Sweed, or Malcom Kelly instead of the undersized Desean Jackson". What Chip Kelly is doing now is certainly interesting but also very dangerous- I believe that if this Chip Kelly experiment fails that it will be far worse than what Andy Reid left when he was fired. I think the heavy investment in FA and the trading of multiple draft picks for Marcus Mariota is a very risky preposition that could leave us with a "worst team in the NFL for a while" type situation if it fails. We can agree or disagree or whatever but I think Philadelphia Eagles fans need to relax with the Reid bashing the the Kelly praising until Kelly has a resume that is even half as impressive as Andy Reid's.

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