The very rules light nature of this podcast really works to it's advantage

I'm almost certain nobody here has watched Court of Swords because it's a relatively small stream, but it has all the things you mention while also for the most part not having dull, meaningless combat because their DM is willing to challenge the players and if the characters die as a result of emerging storytelling, then so be it. And they die a lot and there's still plenty of roleplaying and story, and the combat can be long and rules have to be looked up but it's much more engaging because there are actual stakes. Sadly that table has but a fraction of the charisma than DADs or CR has, so it will never be anywhere near as popular.

But that's all I'm saying, no death/stakes D&D combat is not an obligation, it's a choice, but some people seem convinced otherwise and I can't seem to figure out why.

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