Wait for the Pixel 4, they said

I've spent all day researching alternatives because I was banking on the Pixel 4XL to be my next phone. I thought before researching the other flagships, "Hey, the 3XL is like a 7/10 phone by my standards. Surely the 4XL will be even better!" Well maybe it is, but the competition is just insane to the point that I feel zero Google brand loyalty whatsoever.

With that in mind, the general sentiments I've gathered for each flagship at the moment:

"I want a great camera and an easy to use UI in a relatively gorgeous rectangular package, and I'll pay an absolutely absurd premium so I don't need a Comp Sci degree to compare specs between 5 or so other rectangles," the iPhone 11 Pro Max

"I would like my rectangle to do EVERYTHING except use wired headphones, and I'd like to pay A LOT OF MONEY to do those things," the Galaxy Note 10+

"I want my rectangle's display and design philosophy to be crowdsourced by 4chan's technology board. A refresh rate and charging speed so smooth and speedy, you'll almost forget that wireless charging is good and no one wants an almond colored phone," the OnePlus 7 Pro

"I want my rectangle to be so good that I'll never be caught in public with it, unless I'm in a Taco Bell or the Warhammer 40K section of my local comic book store," the Asus ROG Phone 2

"I want it so that if I buy this rectangle right now, my honeymoon phase with it will end just as the next iteration is announced with all the features that I want and am currently missing," the Galaxy S10+ as of October 2019

"I wish I had an iPhone that I don't really want all that much. Oh and make it a little fugly," the Pixel 4

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