Wanting to Bulk, What's the best Sarm to go with and dip my toes in?

I’m not trying to be a dick, but you seriously need to start eating right and lifting right before you start pumping your body full of hormones.

You should be eating, BARE MINIMUM, 3,300 calories a day until you hit 150 (then bump the calories up). That’s about 1,000 calories over your maintenance. Eat like that for a full year, follow a 3-4 day split for bodybuilding, and you should easily gain 30 pounds of noob gains.

I lifted for 4 years before trying a prohormone (which ended up wrecking havoc on my endocrine system, btw). SARMs are definitely safer, but you really should have a solid base before doing this stuff.

Point being - I got my diet and my lifting habits down to a T before I started experimenting with hormones. You’re just cheating yourself by trying to take a shortcut, and I can guarantee your gains won’t stay with you if you don’t learn how to properly eat and lift prior to cycling.

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