The more I (2/4 MG with Split Definition, RAX Rulership 47/22 | 45/56) decondition and come into alignment with my authenticity, the more alone (and confused, albeit more often at peace) I tend to be :(

Isolation happened (and is still happening, tbh) for me as well, it's been a little over 5 years.

Ra said two things in a particular lecture that stuck with me - not verbatim - 1) M/Gs aren't meant to live in isolation (so this isn't forever) 2)the relationships you made as not-self were never for you (and they certainly aren't for you now).

Have you looked at your Dream Rave? I'm just starting to get into it, and it identified an undercurrent of melodramatic conditioning in my sleep state (Gate 50 - Sex and Line 4 - Obsession) resulting in heavy and pervasive thoughts about myself. So, it was big for me.

I recommend it if you're feeling stalled or unable to break through.

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