WaterScrumBan is my methodology of choice

To me that seems to be a little bit contradictory of the values behind agile software development, by that I mean the original manifesto, not the mountains of Scrum processes built on top of it.

Doing agile software development right really just means constantly adapting according to what you learn in each step of the process. This is just as true for your project management practices as it is for your codebase.

Doing it right is adapting your project management processes as you go by being willing to experiment and making adjustmants according to what works and doesn't work for your team. Doing it wrong then would be rigidly (and often poorly) implementing a set of SCRUM guidelines given by some book, whitepaper, or guide and sticking to them. Or even worse, some manager's muddled enterpretation of SCRUM processes, originally read in a blog post, and adapted to fit their individual needs, as opposed to the needs of the team as a whole.

Doing it right might be using the SCRUM guidelines and methodologies as a foundation, and changing them to fit the needs and changing circumstances of your team. Or even coming up with your own set of project management methodologies as a starting point following agile values, so long as you have good reason to believe what you're doing is going to work better for your team and project.

If you refuse to adapt and improve because doing so would mean you're "not following SCRUM properly", then I don't know what you are, but you sure as hell aren't agile.

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