The week after death -- intense experiences

My mother had a falling out with her older brother which resulted in his leaving town and never coming back. Over the years after he left he would write my mother and beg forgiveness, but she was stubborn. One day she received yet another letter from him, this time she wrote a response but before she could mail it she was informed he had died suddenly in a hospital out of state. Apparently he had emphysema really bad, and we had no idea. This tore her up because she had not ever replied to his letters except the one she was unable to mail in time.

Out of complete exasperation and heartbreak, she prayed to him to please give her a sign that he was "in a better place." That night when she got to work her coworkers presented her with a Christmas card they had handmade. The wording of the card was very unique and said something like, " as special as a mothers love for her child, so is our love of you." Or something to that tune which was VERY odd wording but if had a ring of familiarity to something special about the bond my mother had with her brother. Their mother had been abusive and unavailable and they used to comfort each other.

Well my mother was blown away thinking, "Is this the sign from Johnny (her brother)?" She wasn't sure so she prayed to him again. This time she prayed for another sign just to be sure. Well the next day as she was coming home from somewhere she passed a car parked right next to our house and across the back windshield was a printed memorial of someone's relative and it said ," He was our brother and we miss him dearly. Rest in peace."

My mother thought hmmmmm.... Is that the sign ? While she was sitting on the couch she prayed to him and said , "I'm still not sure... Johnny, if that was the sign please send ONE more so I can be certain it's from you.." And just as she said that she looked up and the TV was on and a movie had just ended, the credits were rolling. Just as she looked up his name rolled across the screen same first and last name (obviously somebody else's name too) but an odd coincidence.

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