[WP] A man with nothing to lose, and a man with everything to lose are about to fight.

My adrenaline started seeping, fists white knuckled and I could feel rage setting in. Inhale and exhale, stay calm. "Just keep walking asshole." I might not go looking for fights, but I am definitely not going to take shit from anyone. I don't care how drunk he is. He was a couple arms lengths away when he stumbled towards me, "The hell did you say to me bitch? I will fuck you up!" From what I've learned in the past you either need to know how to fight, be able to talk alot of shit, or have a decent balance between the two. "Like I said boss, keep walking." He started laughing a bit, pacing back and forth while staring me down, "You pussy, I'm the wrong motherfucker to mess with." Yeah I might not be the biggest guy, but I've been battling lions my whole life. I know a nice cross to the chin or hook to the jaw will drop someone flat on their back. And I know they could do the same to me. He got a little closer, "Trust me bro you don't wanna box me." I've also learned that the silent ones are usually more dangerous than the obnoxious types. This guy was stalling, talking too much. He was probably scared of getting arrested or maybe just scared of fighting. I've learned to never show your opponent that you're scared, they can sense it and feed off it, like a primal instinct of sorts. "Why don't you swing and see what happens bitch." There were a couple onlookers now. I might have to actually fight, crowds alone can force men to fight, nobody wants to look like a bitch. He puts his face directly in front of mine and pushes me back hard. Oh how did I guess, I don't do that pushing back and forth bullshit. I crank my right hand back and throw a long straight cross. Crisp His body seized up and he fell to the floor stiff. I could hear the crowd screamin "Daaaaaamn!". People say fighting is barbaric, immature, and witless. But nothing can match that surge of adrenaline or the sensation of inner peace you feel afterwards. Glory in it's purest form. Cop sirens pulled up quick. Fuck my wife is gonna kill me.

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