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I just need to say I had a shitty moment yesterday and I don't know who else to share this shitty moment with. Maybe it was because of my perception only but basically I was presenting female and I was just packing stuff into my car getting ready to head back home to visit from college (I have my own apartment so I only have to deal with neighbours). It was a little nerve racking but I was basically just walking back and forth just throwing one bag into the car after another. Normal stuff. Of course, as i was finally double checking my things, a car began to pull up. I tried to take a deep breath and just got into my car only to forget that I can't find my phone so I can play music. Whatever, can't be too hard. However, I felt something strange, as if the driver from that car was looking at me with her two eyes- I didn't see them but I just felt it. Maybe it's my anxiety, I look around more, only to look at her car curiously. Carefully, the car began to slow down to the building next to me, parallel to mine about 10-20ish feet away. No matter I thought, she is probably just going to pick something up that she forgot. With another deep breath, I try to calm down, watching the driver slowly reverse back... before with a speed it turned directly 90 degrees in reverse perpendicular to me- its headlights suddenly turning blinding me in the process and closing in around 8 feet away feeling like 3. My mind absolutely panicked and with calm internal screaming, I drove off shaking- my heart pounding in fear thinking of the worst.

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