Weekly /r/GuildWars2 Question Thread - April 13, 2019

Hey, I just bought the full package and tried out different classes to level 15 and I think Necromancer + going Reaper (AOE dmg + giant sword/scythe) later on is the best choice, its really a lot of fun :p

Ive watched numerous guides on this game, some even of 50+ minutes length (with 1.5x speed though) and there is still so much that overwhelms me

Is there anything that a new player could potentially miss out or forget while leveling? As I understood I just have to follow the hearts and scopes while leveling and do the green/mainstory quests somewhere inbetween right?

Should I use my level 80 boost but complete all the zones normally or would it be a waste? Im in no rush and I really enjoy doing the quests and finding vistas
Its just that I would like to stop questing now and then and join those big open world boss raids, saw a video of a giant drake in some swamp, that looked cool

Appreciate any answers, cheers!

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