Weekly Slayer Advice & Questions Megathread | Ask For Advice And Questions Here! - June 21, 2021

I'm having connection issues while playing on PS4 (checked on PC, same problem). Finding server and Ramsgate instance takes 3-10 minutes if not more (used to take about 3-10sec). This started about 3-4 days ago, no idea what's causing it. There were no changes on my end. Internet connection is fine, download and upload speed is also fine.

I am from Russia, Moscow area. Maybe some server issues? Would like to know that's going on. Me and my husband got sick with covid (guh) and will have to spend next couple weeks at home, I was hoping to play some Dauntless to relax but these connection times and lag spikes make it so bad. Halp :c

And stay safe, everyone.

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