[Weekly] Small Questions/General Discussion Thread

I had a more specific follow up question since /u/noys answer was good but not specific enough for me. I clarified the question and asked again in a more specific way indicating I wanted to know which NEW Curvy kate styles were similar to this one (because I had tried old ones). If /u/noys had no answer, someone else might, which is the point of these threads instead of me asking people via pm.

I don't think it's appropriate to create a post asking this simple question when there is a thread for simple questions. The only reason I did post here instead of waiting for more reviews on blogs and bratabase is that there is a post for simple questions. That's how these subs stay organized, instead of having 100 simple questions posted a day, they put them in a thread.

I'm not asking for someone to give me a list of bras that will fit me. I'm asking which new Curvy Kate bras are similar to this old one. I did not want to make a post because I do not want any other help. I just wanted this simple question answered.

Now, I know that /u/noys is not the ONLY person on /r/ABraThatFits that can possibly answer this question. This is a post about simple questions, and with a simple bra search, I know other people have tried this bra. They might have already tried other new styles of the Curvy Kate bras and could have a more specific answer to my question. While /u/noys answer original answer was a good response to my original question, it is not the ONLY possible answer, and there may be some better answers.

Tl:dr: /u/noys answer was good, and may be to the best of their knowledge, but that doesn't make it the best possible answer. Other people might have the answer to my original and clarified question. Also, there is no reason to have simple questions threads if simple questions are not welcome.

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