Caucasian New Zealanders what do you identify as ethnically?

My cousin has done a significant about of research into my family tree. The first official records of my family date back to 1776 in Laxfirth in the United Kingdom, the birth place of the earliest family member. In 1839 my Family arrived on board the HMS Buffalo (a 600 tonne supply ship) where it beached itself in Whitianga.

For over 6 generations my Family have been in New Zealand. (From my mothers side). My Father was Born in English, but would always argue he left their for a reason, and would always identify himself as a Kiwi. (He has been here for over 40 years, the majority of his life)

My cousin has conducted both DNA, and yDNA testing for himself, and found his genetic makeup to be 100% European. This is made up of 45% Western and Central Europe, 35% British Isles, and 25% Scandinavia.

From a DNA perspective, I guess I would have to identify myself as European. However, personally I believe that one of the luxuries of living in New Zealand, and i'm sure something that my ancestors have fort for to protect, is the luxury that we have freedom of speech and can call ourselves what ever we like.

I call myself a Kiwi, and I don't think anyone can take that away from me. I do this based on my Family history, and the efforts of those that have come before me to help build and shape our nation and ultimately make me who I am today. I am not influenced by politics, or outside interference, purely down to my own history.

If anyone is interested in my cousins work, or simply interesting in some of the early history of New Zealand please have a look at this:

For reference:

"The Williamson family has been a part of New Zealand since 1840, and today is spread the length and breadth of the country. Slavers and blacksmiths, magicians and soldiers, musicians and sailors. have all carried the Williamson name."

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