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I actually have for you, several more points (which are my answers to certain questions in your post), including 'D', which is my answer for the Gondola Ride. Though first, I'll try to answer some of your questions confusion in these paragraphs.

To begin with, to Tomosane because she would represent Tomosane's true form 7 years ago, not some new form he tries to take that conflicts with another. Though I'll say that SubaHibi's portrayed world is his internal world, and I don't believe that Zakuro really exists in anyone elses' internal world but his.")

As for the new points (which are all once again interpretations I've made, so think of them however you like):

D). The to represent a mentally unstable person's subconscious feelings/thoughts towards being incomplete and discontinuous, laying in a hospital waiting either to get 'fixed' or to die. It being a spirit simulation ride would further make sense, as the person's current state of discontinuity could represent a spirit of their former self 'after dying'. Though SubaHibi's theme strives to show us that, whether broken or unbroken, every person lives equally as happily as each other. This particular scene tells us exactly what the term 'Endsky' refers to, as well. In any case, throughout RH1 and some other parts of the story, there were flashes of a hospital bed too... I wonder what that means for the full story given what the gondola ride is portraying?")

E). Regarding the . And with another, can there really be a true reachable limit of the world then?")

I'm not sure any of this really provides as an acceptable 'panacea' of clarity to all the mysteries that lie within SubaHibi. I tried to include my conclusion on the sole mechanic of the story is which I believe explains everything (as in, simplifies everything put together), but it went over the word/character limit of this post. I guess this will have to do for now.

H[ ](#s "「とも兄さん……無視ですか? 何のゲームやってるんですか?」

Tomosane: 「ああ、エロゲだ……」

Hasaki: 「ふーん、エロゲ……っっって!」

Tomosane: 「何を驚いてる? これがエロゲだ」

Hasaki: 「あ、いや、そのエ、エロゲって?? その……」

Tomosane: 「そうだよ。お前が想像した通りのものだ」

Hasaki: 「え、えっと……そのとも兄さんがやってる……そのエロゲってどんな内容なのかな?」

Tomosane: 「ああ……忍者になって妹を一日中監視するという妄想に取り付かれた患者と同じ病室になった精神疾患の女スパイがそいつに犯された合間に見た夢……さてそれはどんな夢でしょう? というゲームだ……」



Hasaki: 「そ、そうなんだ……へぇー……ストーリーとか複雑で良く分からないけど……面白そうなんだね……」")

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