What can I do if I feel too different from my age group?

Hi OP, I have social anxiety too. I'm female so no NS experience. What has helped for me is just pushing myself out of my comfort zone sometimes and challenging myself to start a conversation with just one other person. I also had counselling which helped a bit. Now I'm fine and confident having conversations in small groups but feel out of place in any group bigger than 5 people still. I think it's okay. Just who we are, no need to force camaraderie. On that theme of being who we are, if you don't feel okay participating in a conversation, or don't like where a conversation is going, it's okay not to be a part of it. I have had similar situations when some of my acquaintances or colleagues talk about things that make me uncomfortable, usually gossip. If I feel very strongly about it I'll say something, or if I feel opening my mouth will make the situation worse I'll just keep quiet and let them talk around me. I personally think you wanting to be respectful of the girls you know is great. Sat next to a table of guys once who were all talking about which of the girls they knew was f**kable, thought it was an entirely disgusting conversation

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