What game are you making?

I am currently making a sequel to this game, Friend. I'd recommend playing that to get an idea of what I'm talking about. Don't worry, the game is about 15 minutes long.

The first game was meant to be a mystery in which you go exploring a strange house and the house plays tricks on the player. Its pretty short. The story is great for what I was aiming for. My goal with that game was to just finish one game with the bare minimum and I was able to finish it in about 24 hours.

This second game is different. I originally believed that Friend would be the only game in the series unless I got a really good idea to continue it. A few months later and I'm actively working on the sequel. I don't want to spoil the surprise I have for it but I'm doing some radical things compared to the first game. First, I'm taking much more time to work on it when I can. This game is going to be heavily choice involved. Sorta like Majoria's Mask where you will be given many things to do in a small town but some task will only be available at different times and some of them in a limited time span. You will get to help the people in quest like fashions. I want to stuff this game to the brim with content.

Even though there is a lot I want to add to Friend. I'm still keeping much of the first game. The art, the music, and the mind bending stuff is all I want to have in the game. The story is going to be told differently because the nature of the game but I hope it'll have a similar feel in the end.

I'll post a thread here on the subreddit when it's ready. As of now, I'm almost done with the major parts of the map.

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