What hobby do you enjoy that's cheap/free?

Perler beads! Super cheap and ridiculously easy to recreate pretty much any character, thing or scene in 8-bit bead art. All you do is arrange the beads one by one on a pegboard (which can be connected together as well for bigger projects,) then place some ironing paper over your art and run an iron over it for a couple mins at med-high heat. Circular motions get the most evenly melted areas, and the tip of the iron is perfect to run along the edges. Just put something heavy over your creation for a few minutes once you're done so it can cool down, and so the board/beads don't warp. Pull it off and there ya go! You wouldn't believe how easy it actually becomes to make whatever you want regardless of the size. Before ya know it you'll be doing projects that are like 6 boards tall lol. Happy beading!

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