What makes a good Jason?

I usually use 8, or if not yet unlocked, 6

Part 8 has the following stats

Pros: water agility Not that important but damn he’s fast in the water. You can easily stop aquatic escapes

Pro: damage: this is definitely the Most important: when you’re playing is him you can knock down a door in three hits ( just remember to combat stance)

Pro: stalk : Not that important to me but you can sneak up on people


Con: sense : Important, but if you use this more as a radar than a thing you have turned on for a long while

Con: can’t run: This seems more important than it is. Use shift right and it doesn’t matter at all

Con: grip strength : This is probably the least important skill for any Jason. If you keep at least one one low space kill (ex. Larynx crush) As opposed to your flashy kills

The kills: They’re okay. There’s one where you throw an axe which is kind of neat. There’s also one where you chop them a lot. They’re not the coolest but they are okay.

So basically, i like this Jason more for what is not penalized. This Jason is good for rushing cabins, picking of isolated campers, etc

I get a 8/8 almost every round just trap phone and 4 seater radar to find cabins and shift to fleeing counselors.

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