What do people say about your purse or handbag? Is this an impression thing for you?

I love designer handbags and have gradually become less embarrassed about carrying them (given how "flashy" they can be). I do notice lots of looks whenever I'm in public but I can't really tell if it's negative, neutral, or positive; I hope that it's simply people observing what I'm wearing since I live near my city's shopping district.

I've absolutely noticed that the service I receive is really dependent on what I'm carrying that day, which is really a shame. Furthermore, I think because there are so many wealthy tourists that pass through my part of town, it takes a lot to impress the sales associates here. For example, speaking from personal experience, a Gucci crossbody won't really catch their attention but a Chanel flap almost certainly would. There are lots of other attention-catchers as well like shoes, as you've mentioned, or jewelry.

And I wouldn't say that men never notice bags! I have noticed that guys typically say "Ooh, nice bag!" in such a proud 'I recognize that' tone, and it's not that infrequent. If it's something branded and they have some interest in luxury goods, they definitely notice.

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