This is what a piece of human garbage looks like.

I am going to say this straight up, as a women if some other women is telling me every guy she knows or has ever known has raped her or sexually assaulted her I have to question it and her.

I mean I am attractive in my 30’s and the majority of my friends are male and I have never been raped or groped.

Sure I have gotten sleazy text messages from creepers online, the occasional cat call, and sure some flirty guys at work but when boundaries are set they were respected. However when women say its an every day thing at some point they have to be held responsible.

This one chick on reddit made a post of all the creepy messages she gets from coworkers. It was like 6 different guys. A) what they said was stupid and as soon as she shut them down they stoped and B) if more then one guy is reading your signals wrong maybe just maybe you need to reflect on your own actions. C) nothing they said was remotely sexual assault. It was like “want to get dinner” “no thanks your married” and end text. That is not a metoo moment thats a guy trying to cheat on his wife and getting shut down. Sleazy yes criminal no.

Case in point I was at one of the big tech company’s head offices for work. I saw more boobies then at spring break in south beach. Side side boob everywhere! And why the fuck is now female oppression to have a dress code at work you know something like “wear a bra no one needs to see your nipple at work” At one point when i saw some alternative chick in a fish net romper where yoo could see her wooha clearly outlines! I was like “I feel like all these women dressed like LA strippers are sexually harassing me. I do not want to see their boobs at work, i don’t want to see leggings so tight and so sheer that i can see whose commando and whose wearing panties”. It was nasty. So nasty. And at tech giants company.

And all these awkward techy guys were so uncomfortable they were afraid to look anywhere because anywhere they looked someone could scream sexual harassment. I felt like it was a huge set up these women were going to start shouting me to and sue for a 6 figure shut up settlement.

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