Trump 'Home Alone 2' scene cut from Canadian Christmas broadcasts

Doesn't matter how relevant it is to them. That's not really my point here. I don't care that the movie was altered or the scene was removed, my comment was for the people beating their chests in the comments like "YEAH FUCK TRUMP HE FORCED HIS WAY INTO THIS MOVIE!!!" when it wasn't the case. Back then, almost everyone in NYC looked at Trump like an enigma that fought his way to the top and was symbolic of the real estate moguls that made NYC what it is in the first place. It was paying homage to the city they were filming in. At the time, nobody meant more to their city than Trump meant to NYC. He was all over TV, in the newspapers, and everyone was gossiping about his next move and how much he was worth. When you think of vintage wealthy NYC elite culture of the 80s and 90s, he's the face of it. It's fitting that he made an appearance in this movie that tried so hard to show off the appeal of a city while also painting a picture of a child being alone in it, able to do whatever he wants.

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