What turns you off but everyone else on?

I used to dance; from my experience, I could loosely sort clientele into three "types":

-The average Joe:

Strip clubs are a "tradition" for certain stuff: bachelor's parties, turning legal, reaching drinking age... I've definitely seen my share of "congrats on divorcing the cunt" parties too.

For the most part, everyone knows the "rules:" no touching(unless she says so). One dance is one song. I am not your girlfriend. I will not go home with you. My g-string is not coming off of my body.

Drinks will be expensive, there is a two drink minimum, me and my boobies are encouraging you to drink. There is almost always one person who is a complete shut-in/shitfaced that tries to make a pass, and I might let you slide without das boot if you haven't been a dickbutt all night.

Everyone here is drinking and doing the same thing they would at any other bar, with the added pleasure of naked women all around them. People "act wild" because it's expected of them. I've had guys keep pressing me to "find somewhere more private" only to find out they were just trying to impress their buddies.

-The occasional Creep:

Well, yes, some people attend strip clubs to look for attention/affection because they wouldn't have a chance in hell otherwise. (FYI, by no means am I lumping anyone with a disability in here. I've had quite a few clientele in wheelchairs; everyone needs a little lovin now and again, you know?)

I used to dance; many guys show up again and again just to have someone to talk to that actively listened to them. I really didn't have to do much, maybe a lap dance here and there, conversation the rest of the time. Sometimes they'd pay me just for being there at all.

There's this air of sadness to it all. How lonely would you have to be to pay someone to talk to you? How ignored can you be before you would pay someone to listen?

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