What unimpressive things are people idiotically proud of?

Fox News

Aside from the irony of Fox being a left wing channel and CNN being center right at best in my Country, I want to vent something unrelated:

We have a Fox News style news channel that is buddies with the government. And since big cities' mayors are from opposition party now. They constantly shit on them.

You can see the obvious slander and propaganda but there are subtle ones that most people miss. Like a couple of minutes after ranting about how the city is mismanaged, they had a segment about a new museum in the city. It was a positive news clip which i was surprised because they are that bad. Well, guess what. The province which the museum is in has a mayor from the government party. So if there is anything positives about those cities, they are thanka to government party governing those specific provinces and not the big mayor of the city.

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