What is the worst thing that you've seen a coworker do and still avoid being fired?

Dared a guy to run into a wall as hard as he could so it would scare our other coworker behind that wall into thinking it was an earthquake since all her Simpsons figures would start falling off the shelves she had them on.

My dude takes a good 10 foot running start and really puts his shoulder into the wall only to have him go through the drywall into the void between the walls where the insulation would be.

We’re now staring at a 3 foot hole in the wall and we start to freak out with the whole “what did you do?!!” look on our faces and he looks at us and says “Fuck me, I’m gonna get so fired!!!” This whole time our manager is sitting in his office doing manager things and he has the monitor showing the security cameras about a foot away from his desk so we figured he’d have to have seen what happened but he didn’t come out to see what the commotion was.

Kool aid man decides that he’s gonna bite the bullet and tell him straight up so he goes in his office to tell him. The rest of us are listening in by the door. He says “Tony, please don’t fire me, I did something really stupid” and goes to rewind the security tape and shows him what went down.

Manager sounds like he wants to crack up but doesn’t want anything to do with it so he tells kool aid man he needs to fix this ASAP before anyone from corporate comes in and sees. We all scramble to try to fix the hole but we’re in way over our heads.

We end up covering it with a poster until the facilities guys can come in to repair it. They asked how the hole got there and we said the guy was walking and tripped over the power cables that were on the floor and ended up in the wall and how he’s lucky to be alive. Of course they didn’t believe a word of it but they fixed it anyways.

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