What is your slutty story that you won't even tell your friends?

I’m a straight male in my 20s.

I went to a bar on a bunch of MDMA and got super drunk. Hit it off with this really nice old man probably 65 years old who was slurring his words level drunk but being super nice and buying me drinks and such. He asks me if I want to go watch the game at his place.

Go to his place, watch the game for about 5 minutes and he asks if he can suck my dick. Without thinking I say sure.

I come to on the couch and he’s passed out on his knees with my dick in his mouth and the door to his apartment is wide open.

Slap him in the face and say I have to go. Waddle to the bathroom with my pants around my ankles and wipe his slobber off my dick and thighs with his hand towel. Pull up my pants, leave the apartment without saying anything, and finally close the door.

Pretty sure that’s how I got chlamydia, still haven’t really processed the whole thing...

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