What's the best accidental nudity you've ever seen?

In high school I was sort of dating this chick. We made out occasionally, basically. So we're at a party and both having some drinks, and we find ourselves in my buddies bedroom...alone. Things hadn't progressed very far to that point. So we are making out and I'm taking it slow. There's a break in the make out and, I have no idea why, she says "too bad we never went swimming, I brought a bathing suit."

Now, in hindsight I would imagine this meant "fucking do something other than kiss me you retard" but I was 17 and I don't know and shut up.

BUT! I wasn't a totally dummy, I said well it'd be cool if you put it on, I'd certainly like to see that!

Much to my surprise she did! She went downstairs to find her bag or something, and came back up in a towel, tossed the towel on the floor, and stood there in her bikini.

She never was the prettiest girl ever, but I have a thing for blondes and she had a great body. Soccer player and whatnot. I walk over to restart the make out. We kiss for a few and I decide I am going for it. We're in my friend's bedroom, and I don't think I feel right boning on his bed, but let's see where this goes. I take her bikini top off, shockingly without much struggle.

So now for my confession to you. This story involves an accident, and nudity, but not accidental nudity. You can stop reading now if so inclined.

Her top is off. She has just bikini bottoms on. We make out for a bit. I have it in my head that, to just stare at the boobs would be...I don't know, too forward? I was afraid she would think I was piggish or just in this for the boobs. In my head I thought she'd be upset if I went for them.

We made out for awhile longer before being interrupted and rejoining the party. I never saw her boobs. They were out, directly in front of me. I was laying ON them at one point. Neither, I regret to inform me, did I get my hands on them.

Because I am a stupid, stupid person. I never did get to have sex with her.

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