Whenever I upset my brother by being vegan he always tries to nitpick everything I use to see if I'm being a hypocrite.

He's being a fucking idiot.

I had an uncle who made the point that "plants feel pain/it's killing a life so I'm not going vegan". He kept guilt tripping me about it and then I looked into the Fruitarian diet and told them he doesn't even have to kill plants if he wanted to.

Next thing he says: "You're eating microbacteria so you're still killing life so it's okay I'm not vegan."

He's mentally a sick person. I'm still a bit upset, because for those weeks he was living with me, it felt as if I was starting to have a legit Eating Disorder because of this dumbass. I almost stopped eating and felt fucking disgusting each time I even looked at fucking bread.

Don't let him guilt trip you into believing that everything you're doing is causing suffering. It's going to cause straight up mental health issues.

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