You have no right to laugh about how anti-vaxxers choose to ignore science in favour of their baseless personal feelings...

The most depressing this I am realising more and more is that the reasons people give for doing things, positive and negative, are usually complete bullshit. People will claim they are kind to puppies because they love them, or support cancer research because it will help people suffer less, or that they support vaccines because of the science. It's all bullshit.

The ONLY reason people do or don't participate in certain things is whether or not that thing is socially acceptable. People would lynch blacks for fun if it was seen as acceptable. Obviously people did exactly that until it wasn't socially acceptable anymore.

I can't blame people entirely, the environment some grows up in decides what a person considers acceptable or not and their envronment isn't their fault. And I am sure that I am guilty of the same mistake of putting social acceptance over what's right. But the existence of vegans is proof that you can overcome this, at least sometimes.

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