Where to sell a "parts car"? (Kijiji, or ???) (x-post /r/cars)

Where the hell else would you sell it? Craigslist? No one uses it (for anything legit anyhow). Autotrader? Don't make me laugh, no one sells cars on Autotrader... because no one looks for them there, because it costs money per ad, which is opposite to how Kijiji functions... if they have not yet folded they deserve to fail already (source I ran their auto show booth a couple years back, wrote a comprehensive market report with suggestions to save their flailing asses and it was received by ignorant, deaf ears, because basically they figured Kijiji wasn't an adequate threat to their business model to necessitate any sort of evolution regarding their employed business practices). Like, you answered your own query here dude... where do you sell everything else? Kijiji... where everyone sells everything because that's the only spot anyone goes to look for stuff to buy... and if it fails at that because a GXP is kinda analogous to a lump of coal in a really pretty gift wrap... it's still useless, and no one wants it (sorry about your lousy K-car... hah, with their head gaskets that love to fail but unlike if it were a fifth gen Civic rocking a D15B7 its weak-ass aluminum head is virtually guaranteed to crack and the whole top end of the engine has to get replaced, instead of just a simple head gasket replacement job... I once saw a Grand Am listed that the owner had their mechani swap the engine out thrice after suffering just that over and over with each shitty GM engine they put in, and I guess they finally got sick of paying out the ass for it... and somehow, maybe in a feverous delusion state, had the idea occur to them that someone else wanted to continue their tradition) then pick and pull might throw you a couple hundred (a few if you're lucky) if you haul its sorry ass over there.

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