White House condemns rocket attacks launched from Gaza towards Israel

Israel has controversially, and in contravention of international law, established numerous settlements throughout the West Bank.[15] The United Nations Security Council has consistently reaffirmed that settlements in that territory are a "flagrant violation of international law", most recently with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334.[16] The creation and ongoing expansion of the settlements have led to Israel's policies being criticized as an example of colonialism.[17][18][19][20][21][g]

Israel has been accused of exercising methods of control in its administration of the occupation that constitute major violations of International human rights law.[h] Israeli settlers and civilians travelling through the West Bank are subject to Israeli civilian law while Palestinian civilians are subject to military law and are not permitted to vote in Israeli national elections, leading to comparisons to apartheid.[27] The occupation has numerous critics in Israel itself, with some Israel Defense Forces draftees refusing to serve due to their objections to the occupation.[28]

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