who’s a celebrity you think really changed for the better?

I dont know.. I don’t think she is a terrible person but I think she is terrible out off touch and has a remarkable PR team. She is one of those celebs where I see a money-machine instead of an actual artist. But I feel bad for her. Hollywood is her life, she hasn’t ever done anything else that being in that business and her only real talent in Hollywood standards is being likeable. This doesn’t mean I think she’s a bad singer nor actor, but it can really compare with her peers. To end this a little positive I think she found her voice in music, I have seen criticism around her newer music and people saying her more high tempo dance music was better, (maybe it was) but the music she makes today suits her voice and she can actually sings it live, which is a huge improvement and I respect her for finding a sound that’s fits her voice and abilities

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