Who is your inquisitor?

Because there's been a request, here's a bit more about Alberech during DA:I (definitely contains spoilers, read beyond at your own peril):

  • He wasted no time in deciding whether or not to side with the Templars or Mages; particularly after Val Royeaux he knew he needed to help his brothers in arms see reason and wanted to redeem the honor of the Order. He truly believes that it's the task of all the remaining templars to get the Red Templars, Venatori and apostates under control. To that end, he asks that the Templars he saved at Therinfall join as free allies of the Inquisition
  • He was somewhat apprehensive of meeting the Champion of Kirkwall; Gareth Hawke's penchant for aiding mages and his vague associations with the Waking Sea Raiders (via Hawke's lover Isabela) made Alberech predisposed to dislike Hawke. The fact that House Amell was very nearly responsible for dragging House Trevelyan into a massive scandal when the future Hero of Ferelden, Elynna Amell, and her brothers were found to have magic is also difficult for Alberech to untangle from Hawke, who is still Lord Amell. When the two meet in person they absolutely loathe one another... Hawke is a laid-back goodnatured rogue with a questionable sense of humor; the face that Alberech shows to the world is a bit more stern and serious. Nonetheless at Adamant fortress, Alberech drags Hawke back with him, leaving Jean-Marc Stroud, a man that Alberech respected, admired and called friend for that short time, in the fade, due to the hope that Hawke would be of more use in the fight against Corypheus. Additionally, Alberech recalls the fear that gripped the world during the Fifth Blight and how much aid even just two Wardens can provide; he doesn't have it in himself to exile them even though they are a threat. Again, as a Templar he can empathize with the sort of sacrifices and devotion that the Wardens' duty requires.
  • At Halamshiral Alberech entered intending to give aid to Grand Duke Gaspard: Celene had ruined Orlais, clearly, and Gaspard was a brilliant military commander whose forces could likely turn the tide of the war. Again, much like Stroud, Alberech initially really liked Gaspard personally. There was also the small matter that one of Alberech's nieces who died at the Conclave, Alisande, was the daughter of Alberech's elder brother and Corinne De Chalons, Duke German De Chalons' daughter and Gaspard's cousin. Alisande spent a significant portion of each year at the De Chalons manor and Gaspard himself eventually sponsored her into the Academie De Chevaliers. Alberech was still feeling guilty over her death which may have pushed him towards Gaspard as well. Nonetheless, after hearing the tale concerning Gaspard's threats against the Council of Heralds, behavior more fitting a petulant child than a future Emperor, Alberech starts to sympathize more with Celene. First Enchanter Vivienne's counsel at Halamshiral more or less confirms his feelings: she has a number of personal reasons to side with Gaspard, including the fact that her lover Bastien was Gaspard's former father-in-law, but adamantly backs Celene for the good of Orlais. The fact that Corpyheus seems to think that Orlais will be plunged into chaos under Gaspard is another point in Celene's favor. By the end of the ball, Alberech saves Celene, arrests Florianne (and later sends her to a cloister), executes Briala and with a heavy heart also implicates Gaspard enough to require his execution... Celene must be unchallenged for peace to come to Orlais.
  • At the temple of Mythal Alberech adamantly refuses to participate in "heathen" elven rituals and thus eventually cuts down Abelas and all the sentinels. He does spare Calpernia however, hoping to sow dissension amongst Corypheus' followers or at least Tevinter. At Cassandra's urging and his own misgivings about dealing with Elven magic, he allows Morrigan to take the risk. He's paranoid enough to have Halisma, Minaeve and Vivienne working on ways to counter Morrigans should she prove problematic. *As for his relationship with his Inner Circle... Cassandra is his lover, he's good friends with Josephine, Vivienne, Dorian and Cullen, has a wary professional relationship with Varric, Iron Bull and Leliana, he was friends with Blackwall, though after Revelations he's shipping Blackwall off to the Wardens and isn't too thrilled with him. Finally, he has a horrible relationship with Solas, Cole was never allowed to join, and Sera was kicked out after the mess at Verchiel, where Alberech agreed to an alliance with Harmond. Additionally, Vivienne has been named Divine Victoria, Cassandra is the Lady Seeker, Iron Bull is Tal Vashoth, but the Chargers live, Cullen stopped taking Lyrium due to Alberech's advice (Alberech mentors Cullen to a certain degree) and the Templars followed his example, Josephine raises the Du Paraquettes to a lordship to clear her assassination contract and Leliana remains the ruthless spymaster of the Inquisition.
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