A woman known as “Disco Sally” dances with her husband at Studio 54, 1978

I found this about Disco Sally on 30 Things by Beatrice: As Scott Bitterman, a former busboy and then assistant manger at Studio 54, recalls:

“My favorite regular at the club was a bright, funny elderly woman who came several nights a week and danced much of the night. I attended several dinner parties at her apartment with friends–but the film [54] reduced her to an insipid caricature as ‘Disco Dottie.’ In real life, ‘Disco Sally’ was Sally Lippman–a witty and brilliant attorney admitted to the New York State Bar in the 1920s. Sally represented the best of the club for me: she was neither rich nor famous. She was a woman who loved to dance and have fun with her friends in the evening.”

did the manger know where disco-disco jesus went?

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