Vet treating a very agressive cat

Studied psychiatric hospitals a bit during my clinical psychology degree, they are certainly a bit of a dystopian thing when talking about involuntary admittance, usually people get there because they haven't been able to access adequate support to begin with, a lack of a strong social group / family to push them to get help, a lack of money to access treatment, feelings of shame or maybe they are doing something in the criminal domain which makes it feel like they can't go and talk to someone. Society kind of just goes "you are a danger to others / yourself, go to jail for being sick" and completely fails to adequately account for the variables involved, and their own almost sick neglect in helping vulnerable people who need it.

Too many people who've been institutionalized walk out with c-PTSD and more issues than they entered with. Which is the antithesis of something that considers itself a hospital for mental illness.

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