29-year-old scientist enrolled in high school and pretended to be a teenager because she was lonely and “wanted to return to a place of safety”

Maybe some ppl are trying to use this to spread a 'mensrights' narrative but its possible to call this woman out instead of doing so.

That is, ANY 29 year old who tries to mingle of high schoolers shld be viewed with suspiscion. This is not about 'oh sympathise with men too' it's more of recognising that women can be predators too, and we shouldnt rush to sympathise with any man or woman who does this. You should try reading the articles on this, she was found out when many students said she was being a creep.

Anyways who on earth feels lonely and GOES BACK TO SCHOOL. Its like the worst place to make friends, you literally cant choose who youre classmates with. She can get a hobby and make friends online, hell there are so many places online for lonely ppl.

That being said maybe it wasnt sexual, maybe it was just age regression or something, but it doesnt change the fact that the safe space of those high schoolers was violated. If shes age regressing she shld have gotten help, shes old enough to know that being mentally ill isnt an excuse to endanger vulnerable ppl such as kids.

I really do want her to get help instead of being punished, so that she stops this dangerous behaviour, but its appaling that ppl here dont recognise dangerous behaviour for what it is.

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