Nintendo refused to let Mario Bros go woke!

John Leguizamo is being laughed at by both sides because his statement regarding inclusion was about not casting Hispanic actors, not just “messing up the inclusion.” He obviously didn’t know the Mario Bros are Italian & that “Mario” is a name in other languages. He thought Mario was Hispanic & was upset that “white Americans” were voicing the actors instead of Hispanic actors. If they’d used Hispanic actors, they still wouldn’t be “woke.” They’d be “woke” if they used Italian actors.

So Chris Pratt aside, here’s a little something to make both Leguizamo & the rabid right hush a bit: the Mario Bros are Italian; Charlie Day is (part) Italian. For Leguizamo, this means they included the historically accurate ethnicity, so he can hush. For the “tried to gotcha” right, Charlie Day being Italian & the Mario Bros being Italian means the casting department was inclusionary, which means “woke,” so their silly crowing can cease.

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