Worst Moviegoing Experience?

Went to a late showing of Black Panther, had practically the whole screen to myself apart from a couple of people dotted around.

2 mins before the movie starts a loud Spanish family walks in with stinking takeaway food and screaming kids. They choose to sit in the row directly behind me, even though there's tons of empty seats everywhere.

Throughout the whole film they're talking/laughing, on their phones, kids kicking the back of my seat, shouting across to each other. The takeaway they brought in has stunk out the entire theatre. Just a greasy fried food stench. At one point they started putting fries into their popcorn buckets. Stuffing handfuls of fries/popcorn into their faces.

I turn around and ask them to please keep the noise down. They just look at me like how dare I ask them to do that. They do quieten down slightly but now it's turned into loud whispering and snickering, the kids are still going mental.

The film ends and as we're waiting for the after-credits scene they all get up hang around the front row, staring at me and hinting at each other.

I think this and a couple of other similar experiences has put me off the cinema "experience" forever. It's not worth it.

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