Is it wrong that I wouldn't marry someone who's not a virgin even if they've repented what they've done?

What is with Christian men's obsession with virginity? I'm tired of reading online about Christian men who say they would not even consider a woman who isn't a virgin. I understand a preference, but an outright deal breaker does not make sense to me. Imagine falling in love with a devout, chaste catholic woman, and months later she tells you that she has had sex in the past. Are you going to immediately dump her?

The Lord has humbled me recently. I am a recent convert, and I began to (subconsciously) look down on non-Christians. I began to see myself as better than them. The Lord rebuked me and told me that I am no better than them, that I was and still am a sinner who was shown divine grace.

Now I ask the Lord everyday to show me how much He loves me, and how much He loves others. I ask Him to help me to love as He does, especially when it is difficult to do so.

I think you should take this "deal breaker" to the Lord and to Our Lady, and ask why you feel this way. Ask the Lord to humble you, and to see others the way He sees them. Ask Him to fill your heart with the grace and love that He pours onto the world.

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