[WTS] Bolivar Coronas Junior 5'er

Thanks for addressing your concerns. I'll respond to them in this post.

Firstly, I had no idea that Rob accommodates for the sale of 5'ers. I noticed that he sells samplers from time-to-time, but those are marked up very substantially, considerably more than the few cents I'm making in this one sale.

I would just like to note that these were not purchased 2 weeks ago and were purchased last year, for anyone interested in knowing when I sourced them. They are HQ grade, for those familiar with FoH grading. I have been asked to "back up my pricing," something I haven't seen asked of any other seller on here, but I'll do this regardless by drawing comparisons to other vendors.

I did some digging just to find out how much Bolivar Coronas Juniors cost on the market. First I checked CUNTINT, where Bolivar Coronas Juniors sell for $7.88 each. That makes for a cost of $39.40, which includes shipping on condition that the buyer spends $60.60 on other cigars.

Next site where I found a 5'er is TopCubans. I have no experience with this place whatsoever so for any buyers here shopping for the best price please know that I cannot make an endorsement. On this site, a 5'er sells for $34. However, the shipping cost is $20 for orders under $250, so the total shipped would be $54.

Last place where I found a 5'er is CigarOne. A 5'er here sells for $36 without shipping. The shipping cost is $30 for orders under $150, so the total shipped would be $66.

Additionally, for any buyers interested in purchasing from any of these sites, please be aware that there may be an additional foreign transaction fee applied by your creditor and/or bank.

Anything over that and it seems to me you purchased the box to make a profit.

I'm not sure why you believe I'm including this listing to make a profit. I'm selling these cigars to make some room in my humidor, with minimal mark-up. Perhaps if I had multiple 5'ers on sale at the cost of those sold by the other vendors listed above that accusation would be merited, but I'm selling a 5'er; I'm not even splitting the box. I have hosted and participated in box splits on other forums and most would agree that those are organized completely differently than private sales. If you don't like the fact that I'm making a few cents and still selling at less than retail, and if you feel the need to "engage me," please at least tell me and the other readers of this thread where I can buy a 5'er as a private sale and not as a box split.

Once again, my reasoning behind this pricing regards: 1) the cost I paid for the box, 2) the pricing history on the r/CigarMarket. Could a buyer get these for cheaper per unit? Absolutely. However, the buyer will have to either: 1) buy a whole box, or 2) sign up for a split, and then 3) wait a lot longer than if I were to ship them domestically, 4) risk getting a nasty letter in the mail. I am not "splitting" a box (i.e., just now buying/receiving the box, selling 4 5'ers); I am selling 5 cigars from one box, not splitting a box. I will have these shipped directly after payment. The cigars are already in my possession. If this were a box split I would organize this thread completely differently by having people sign-up, asking payment on receipt of the box, etc., but that is not the case in this thread.

What baffles me is why people get upset when someone asks a question about the price in order to help others. Either back your prices up or ignore the comment.

I don't see too many questions here directed at my pricing. They appear to be unwelcoming accusations. Nonetheless, I agree with you and I highly encourage newcomers to participate in box splits as they are a great way to get these cigars at a more affordable cost, but this is not a split thread. I want to make this clear.

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