Not this Indian bullshit again. Not this time, pal.

Pakistan has lost the most people out of all those countries, including security personnel, soldiers, and civilians to the war on terror. Since its start in 16 March 2004, more than 8200 Pakistani soldiers have lost their lives fighting the Taliban and other terrorist organizations. Nearly 15000 other soldiers have been injured, and almost a thousand have been permanently disabled. 28,893 terrorist militants have been killed and as of today, all areas formerly held by the Taliban in Pakistan have been liberated and are being reincorporated well into the rest of Pakistan.

The fact that any of these countries, namely India, have the audacity to say that Pakistan has not fought or stood up to terror is honestly disgusting. Yes the Taliban were trained by Pakistan's intelligence services to fight the Soviets, but that blood is also on the hands of the US, and even France and Germany. It's no different for Pakistan.

Members of my own family that are in the Army have fought the Taliban in the KPK province, and that's why I find it so utterly rude that any of you who know next to nothing would meme this. I'd like to see you all show this to the mothers of all the young men who lost their lives protecting their country from those terrorist scum.

Whether I make this post makes no difference. Whether y'all keep memeing Pakistan's sacrifices makes no difference. What matters and what is fact at the end of the day is that Pakistan has successfully rid itself of many terrorists and has installed fences with watchtowers on the Afghan border to keep out others.

Sources because all the Indians are gonna pull up like 'SoUrCe?':

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