YTs constant advice to buy something with the intent of (potentially) returning it.

I always wondered about this because here (UK), you can't return used makeup. As far as I know. Or maybe you can and as Brits, we're just too polite and non-confrontational to do it. I've never returned makeup. Clothes that don't fit, gadgets that don't work etc. yes, I have returned them. But something you've opened and put all over your face obviously can't be re-sold, so I just can't imagine what the shop would do with it if you returned it. It's like how you can't return underwear or piercing jewellery, because it would be totally unsanitary for the shop to re-sell it, and they don't want to take the loss by throwing it away. So I just can't ever imagine returning makeup.

I've always wondered when Youtubers talk about it if it's commonplace in the USA. Of course, it is pretty inconvenient when you buy something and it doesn't work and you've totally wasted your money. So I understand it, especially if you're not rich. But I just don't think I could ever do it. I'm going to check the returns policies of my favourite British makeup shops and see if they even accept returns of used items.

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