Women of reddit, how would you want a guy to approach you in public?

So none of the girls you approached took you up on your offer, which is my point.

And yes, the problem is that a lot of guys who approach girls in public don't do so naturally but like they're following a script, often based on instructions from other clueless men and absolutely treat the interaction like a win-or-lose situation. And many of those guys do not like losing.

And unfortunately even if you yourself are emotionally intelligent, chill and perfectly fine with rejection, the girl you're approaching doesn't know that. Some guys can be all charisma and pleasantries as they approach you and turn like a leaf the moment you show disinterest, and most women navigate these situations by being overly polite and gentle as they try to exit the conversation.

I'm not saying every woman you've ever approached was secretly wildly uncomfortable and trying to escape. But I am saying it's possible some of them were and there's a good chance you wouldn't be able to tell. For most men, it's just not worth trying to approach women in a public space period.

Key word "approach". I'm not talking about casually conversing because you happen to be in the same space momentarily.

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