208 words You should not be eating 1200 calories a day without discussing it with a doctor or nutritionist. 301 words Exercise advice please!! 126 words A potentially gross question which I’d like to please ask my fellow big girls 256 words What are your reasons for losing weight? 238 words Libido ED and low T 141 words People treat you differently when you lose weight, no matter how much people tell you that your weight doesn’t matter. My experience with this from a man’s perspective. 437 words You cannot “break” your metabolism 143 words Recommendations of exercises for pained bodies? 171 words Beginner seeking weightlifting workout routine advice 142 words Fallen off the bandwagon and I really need some help getting back on it 284 words Anyone ever feel discouraged because you lost weight, gained it back and more, and now have to lose it again? 157 words when is it unhealthy to be too hungry? 160 words how do you guys feel about the changing attitudes towards obesity? do you think it is helpful or hurtful? 206 words Did anyone else lose the weight just to end up... not looking that much better? Does it affect your motivation in maintaining? 226 words I was the fat friend last night. I literally don't know what to do with myself. 155 words [Challenge] European Accountability Challenge: February 18th, 2023 137 words Can't lose weight at fifteen. IN A DEFICIT! Is my body storing fat? 172 words Kind of lost? 141 words Progress with OMAD, and Military Enlistment. 155 words Rant- am I just supposed to be bigger?