What are your reasons for losing weight?

I'm a mid 30's male. I've been wanting a girlfriend for the better part of 2 years. I'm an incredibly shy guy so I can't break ice for the life of me, and I didn't have the benefit of being a model to have women just come up to me and say hello so I was stuck between being too afraid to say hello to women I'm interested in, and hoping they would approach but knowing they never would. Of course when talking about myself, I'm biased, but I do believe I'm a great catch...if only someone can look past my weight. I decided instead of trying to wish that someone else came to me, I'd do something that might make me a little more confident in reaching out and/or having women be more amenable to talking to them so I decided to lose weight. I've lost ~100 lbs, and while I still can't break ice to save my life and still don't have a girlfriend, I put myself in situations to meet new people like going to my local music hall for events. I still kind of wish women would come up to me and I know I have to break that mentality and I'm still working on just getting the courage to just say hello to strangers, but i'm trying and I hope the weight loss is an obvious sign of my attempts and I hope someone that I want to date, sees it and acknowledges it. I don't want to be single anymore

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