Exercise advice please!!

I would just take it a step at a time. For a long time, I struggled with fitting exercising into gaming. Beyond me just being a pretty fucking lazy guy, I would mainly just get bored exercising. I’d do a push or sit-up here and there between games, but nothing substantial or even consistent. I pretty much reached a point of no longer caring or having any interest. It wasn’t until I happened to come across a youtube video where a bunch of guys at a DFX convention were trying out something called the powerball. Apparently, these things have been around for like fifty years and I had never heard of it. But pretty much what they do is work off of wrist rotation and then you can build up like forty pounds of resistance. I guess the reason I never heard of it was that it’s mainly used to help with carpel tunnel, but I just like spinning the thing and getting in a little workout between games. It helps the most with blood flow, which actually helps with movies too, since my arms would fall asleep sometimes. Flash forward to now, and I take the thing with me everywhere, especially my work. But I will say though that just be careful using other websites besides mydfxpro, there are a ton of cheap knockoffs that my dumbass had to buy first and then it precedes to break like the next day. I ended up grabbing the platinum edition off the website, and haven’t regretted it, it lights up and can build up a little more resistance. Lastly, they can be a little hard for beginners to start, but there a bunch of videos about that on the internet and also different ways to start it too.

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