11 billion bonfire, give me reasons to believe that the rugpull didn't begin last night?

I’m sorry, there’s no way there’s “physicians” on the team. The team members look extremely young and the obvious reason for them avoiding posting social media is because they have no experience. This whole thing is incredibly unorganized and random people are being made admins/mods. I’m also concerned that Zay D (zay.4evr) is the ‘media promoter’ of the team, but he never posted about Bonfire on his TikTok that has 1.7 million likes. When people got upset about this last night and questioned the mods/devs (?) on telegram, and him not promoting the coin, his Tiktok went private and they said he would be taking a break due to “death threats”. Yeah... okay.

The whole thing stinks. I’m most likely pulling out this morning unless there’s some dramatic team leadership shown. The Twitter/Telegram/Discord groups all seem to have their own agendas and no solid unified plan.

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